Adult Entertainment W. Kandinsky, Untitled, 1935


i - INTROVERTs recharge by spending time alone.
e - EXTRAVERTs recharge by spending time with others.
N - INTUITIVEs are interested in future possibilities and trusts their hunches.
S - SENSORs are more interested in trusting their past experiences.
F - FEELERs prefer to make personal judgments, and are likely to feel how others are feeTDng.
T - THINKERs prefer to make impersonal judgments and are not likely to take on others' emotions.
j - JUDGERs work to completion on projects. They usually do not like to leave things undone. Once a decision has been made, they prefer to stick with it.
p - PERCEIVERs are process oriented. They believe the final decision can always be revised.


*The Healer (iNFp)

*The Counselor (iNFj)