A Thought Leonid Golender, A Thought, oil pastels on paper

Art Thoughts

Once I thought too that what if there is nothing inside. But then I realized that if you want to create art, you have an urge to create something, it means you have something inside and it is interesting for others that don't have it.

I don't have any formal education in art, no education at all. My skills are very limited, or at least I can say that I feel I can't draw what I can imagine. Well, it could be that my imagination is too wild to get into any frames :).

Art is subjective, you can't say this painting is better than that. The only thing you can say - l like this picture more than that. The only thing you think you can base your comparsion is the Price. But usually the market dictates the price. The market can be manipulated. It's called marketing. So actually you are not comparing art objects, you are comparing their marketing.

There are four critical elements that can be seen in every great logo design:

  1. It must be describable
  2. It must be memorable
  3. It must be effective without the use of colour
  4. It must be scalable i.e. effective when scaled down to an inch in size

Last updated : 28-Mar-07